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Android library that sets an ImageView's contents from a url. Manages image downloading, caching, and makes your coffee too.

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This library has been deprecated, use ion instead:


UrlImageViewHelper will fill an ImageView with an image that is found at a URL.

Sample Project

The sample will do a Google Image Search and load/show the results asynchronously.


Download [the latest JAR]( ) or grab via Maven:


UrlImageViewHelper will automatically download and manage all the web images and ImageViews. Duplicate urls will not be loaded into memory twice. Bitmap memory is managed by using a weak reference hash table, so as soon as the image is no longer used by you, it will be garbage collected automatically.

Usage is simple:

Want a placeholder image while it is being downloaded?

Don't want to use a placeholder resource, but a drawable instead?

What if you want to preload images for snazzy fast loading?

What if you only want to cache the images for a minute?

UrlImageViewHelper is pretty smart. It can even load the photo for an Android contact if given a Contact Content Provider URI.


Does it work in list adapters when views are reused? (convertView)


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